New To Keratin Treatments? We Have the Info You Want.

Brazilian Keratin treatments have changed since they became wildly popular a decade ago. As techniques and formulae improved, keratin hair treatments have progressed from the legendary (and controversial) Brazilian Blowouts to safer, healthier treatments, as well as availability in an array of hair cleansing, conditioning, coloring, and styling products for home use.

Now a global phenomenon, Brazilian keratin treatments and related products have gone from a niche specialty to a range of popular products with wide availability.

Those curious about keratin treatments may be overwhelmed by the vast array of choices. Many of the products may seem very similar and in all in fact do offer smoother hair, deep conditioning, and cuticle locking the drastically reduces drying time. And while technically not only an anti-frizz treatment, keratin treatments do reduce frizz and flyaways, and therefore may be more useful in hotter, humid spring and summer months.
Despite the variations among brands, all of the leading companies now claim to offer products that contain zero formaldehyde.

Keratin is essentially the same material that your hair and fingernails are made of; beauty companies have found various ways to source keratin from nature, and then stylists use heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to apply keratin to the very core of your hair. Many manufacturers of in-salon keratin conditioning treatments offer an express version that takes about an hour, and costs about $150, to an intensive version that takes about two and one half hours and can cost $200 or more. Beginners might opt for the express version to give it a try. Be sure to follow product guidelines and restrictions regarding washing and styling after your treatment. Another tip: after your treatment (some products require you to wait two days) when shampooing your hair, be sure and use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, to ensure longevity of the benefits of the keratin infusion.

We’ve created this site to give consumers a glimpse into the foundations of the leading manufacturers and their philosophies, in the hopes that you may find it easier to make a decision regarding which keratin products are right for you. At the same time, we aim to offer an entertaining behind-the-scenes look into the always exciting beauty industry. We hope you enjoy your visit to www.whatisbraziliankeratintreatment.com.