Cadiveu Keratin Treatments and Home Care

A Quest For Perfection In Beauty

Cadiveu started in Brazil from a lucky combination of factors: Founder Claudia Alcantara’s interest in beauty and fashion, the popularity of Brazilian Keratin treatments, and a bad haircut. You read that right:  it was a bad haircut that inspired Cadiveu’s founder to create a fine line of hair care products for women.

Kristin Marquet, official publicist for Cadiveu America, explains: “Claudia’s passion for beauty started when she was young, in her teenage years, and what spawned the whole Cadiveu line was that one bad haircut. One bad haircut is very traumatic for women. And so she embarked upon this journey of trying to find ingredients that can work for a wide variety of hair types.”

Claudia’s dissatisfaction with hair care available at the time led her around the world and back to her native Brazil, with time spent studying cosmetology and consulting with chemists to create a line of in-salon treatments, and home hair care products using naturally-sourced ingredients. The result is an award-winning hair beauty line that offers superior hair care at an affordable price.

Gentle yet Effective

The harshness of previously existing keratin treatments was one of the problems that Claudia set out to solve. The result is a gentler alternative to some of the Brazilian keratin treatments that were popular at the beginning of the Brazilian craze. Marquet explains: The Cadiveu treatment “really is a safe alternative to those really strong Brazilian blowouts,” she says. Cadiveu’s chemists, based in Brazil, work with Claudia and her team to create an ever-expanding array of hair treatments.

With many ingredients sourced from Brazil, Cadiveu can boast real Brazilian creds. The company has five members of the research and development team at headquarters in Brazil creating products for the Cadiveu brand. Founded in 2007, the company employs about 100 employees worldwide, including those at a New-York based education centers and traveling educators that provide mandatory training and certification to stylists around the globe.

The Products

Of Cadiveu’s rapid expansion to more than 50 countries, Marquet explains: “Over the last several years, she’s been able to scale out and create all these different product lines.” Some of the newer products include Plastic De Fios, also known as hair plastic surgery, and Brazil Cacao.” From high fashion to everyday looks, Cadiveu helps women maintain gorgeous hair.

Plástica dos Fios, cleverly named as Hair Plastic Surgery, is one of the newer innovations to come from Cadiveu. The treatment creates hair described “as smooth as glass” and serves the additional functions of de-frizzing and straightening hair.

Another cleverly-named Cadiveu keratin product is Plástica de Argila, or Hair Botox, which restores luster, strengthens and nourishes hair, and taming frizzy, out of control hair while adding shine.

Cadiveu’s Glamour line restores the vitality and shine to color treated hair, for daily home maintenance use. Like the Glamour Plus line, which is designed for brunette hair, the Glamour products strengthen hair to protect against the rigors of heat treatments such as blow dryers, and curling and smoothing irons.

Cadiveu has led the way in unlocking the power of natural ingredients, including Acai. Their Acaí Blonde Therapy brings out the shine and brilliance of your blonde hair, for the smoothest, most natural-looking blonde mane imaginable. Acaí Natural Treatment line is a therapy that for all colors of hair that includes a shampoo and conditioner that penetrates each strand to hydrate deep to the inner shaft of your hair.

Cadiveu’s Acaí Natural Treatment Therapy Oil smoothes strengthens and nourishes damaged or fragile hair, to protect against the damage done by harsh chemical and heat treatments, adding radiance without weighing your hair down.

For use with curly hair or hair with waves, Bossa Nova invokes the name of that brilliant Brazilian musical style while eliminating frizz and hair chaos that can come with dry or over-treated hair. Thanks to natural ingredients like Palm Oil, Bossa Nova gets curled or wavy hair under control with just one use.

Cadiveu Detox is an important part of the Cadiveu system, allowing you to cleanse hair and scalp to remove chemical buildup and impurities, while nourishing and preparing your mane for other salon treatments.

With their competitive price point, Brazilian credentials, socially conscious profile, and innovative formulas, Cadiveu continues to grow in popularity. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Cadiveu is dedicated to being a eco-friendly company, using natural products, and packaging that is 100 percent recyclable, and created while never testing on animals.