Pure Brazilian Keratin

Keratin Products Offering Value, Practical Benefits

Pure Brazilian, founded in 2011 by Christine Medrick, is a hair care company created out of a simple, practical desire: she wanted to make it faster and easier for busy women to style their hair.

“I’m a mother,” Medrick explains, “I’m also working on my Master’s degree, running a business, on the PTA, so having extra half an hour in the morning to not have to do my hair is life changing. So I thought that was really remarkable when I learned about (Brazilian Keratin treatments).” So Medrick set out to turn a passion for beauty and fashion into a line of Keratin products for salon and home use.

Marketed in a gorgeous aqua bottle with gold lettering, the Keratin products of Pure Brazilian are setting a standard in the beauty industry by offering more product for a modest price. “Our retail products are bigger than most competitors,” she says, “which is at really competitive price point.” Having spoken to Medrick for this article, I can attest to the fact that the colorful bottle is a reflection of her outgoing personality. “The packaging,” she says, “we wanted to make a really fun, pretty aesthetically-pleasing packaging line.” What’s inside is really nice as well; the “light, beachy vanilla scent” is as gorgeous as it sounds.

Yet there is serious work behind developing such a fun product. Medrick traveled to various trade shows while researching her products; Pure Brazilian now employs a team of chemists who come up with the formulas, tweaking each product along the way until it is just right. “I wanted to create a line that did things just a bit better,” Medrick explains. The salon products include Original and Clear formulations (both manufactured in Brazil), the latter conforming to the desires to reach out to those wanted Brazilian Keratin treatment using natural products. 

Medrick explains: “The treatments are great for any hair type — anyone can get benefit from it, whether your have really crazy, unruly hair and you’re looking to make it more manageable, or if your hair is really silky and healthy, and you’re looking to reduce your drying time.”

The Home Care Products:

As part of its Essential Home Care Line, Pure Brazilian Offers an Anti-Frizz Shampoo and an Anti-Frizz Conditioner in a variety of sizes, each gently cleansing hair to protect previous treatments while infusing it with keratin and moisture. Both are color safe and seal the hair cuticle. A Daily Anti-Frizz Serum locks in moisture for use prior to styling with heated styling tools, in a color safe formula that offers UVA and UVB protection. Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque contains Keratin, Cocoa Seed Butter, Acai, and Panthenol, while promoting shine, in a color safe formula.

Pure Brazilian Miracle Leave In Conditioner is a quick, easy to apply treatment that restores hair’s Keratin, to nourish and moisturize hair, sealing in hydration to repair damage and control frizz and flyaway. Shine Ultra-Light Nourishing Oil is another quick and easy way to nourish hair and control flyaways. This unique formula features vitamin E and seaweed extract, along with some of the most exotic oils found in hair care anywhere: Camellia Oil from Japan and Abyssinian Oil from Africa.