Gk Hair a.k.a. Global Keratin

A Brand Built Upon Listening and Understanding

A key to developing superior products in the beauty industry is to understand the needs of salons, stylists, and end users of hair care products. Van Tibolli, the Brazilian-born founder of Van Tibolli Corp. built his two brands – GKHair and Tibolli — by traveling the globe, asking questions of salon owners, stylists, clients, and the distributors of beauty products, and then starting his own salon in South Florida.

The resulting brand, GKHair, founded in 2007, has an innovative approach to keratin treatments that’s so unique, it’s patented. Their proprietary ingredient, Juvexin®, is ethically sourced from New Zealand sheep wool. With an emphasis on restoring and delivering anti-aging ingredients to all types of hair, GKhair has taken the beauty industry by storm since the company’s creation. We spoke with Meghan McHugh, director of international business development for GKhair (and their sister company, Tibolli) who is spreading the word about the cutting edge results people are getting with the wide array of GKhair products.

GKHAIR1From Salon Treatments, to Home Care – and Even Keratin-based Hair Colors

Using natural ingredients created with raw materials sourced in the United States (with the exception of the wool) the GK formula “improves the overall integrity of the hair,” McHugh explains. “It opens a lot of doors for people who want to do other treatments. With our products they’re consistently and progressively making the hair better and better with each use.”

McHugh explained that in addition to the intensive keratin salon treatments, the wide array of keratin products for home use includes GKhair shampoos, conditioners, masques, sprays and fixatives, for a total of 150 unique SKUs. All of these products include Juvexin®, allowing people to maintain strong healthy hair, and to repair the damage done by treatments such as coloring, blowing drying, perming and waving while strengthening and making the hair healthy while undergoing additional treatments. In addition, keratin treatments reduce styling time by as much as half.

Now about those hair colors: GKhair offers a full line of hair colors that also incorporate Juvexin®. These products infuse hair with proteins and nutrients right down to the very core. From salon to home, from Brazilian-inspired Keratin treatments to hair spray, and everything in between, GKhair offers a complete line of products that feature only the finest ingredients, without the harsh additives of lesser brands.

Communication is the Key

The same top notch communication that Tibolli employed to build his companies is an integrated part of growing the two brands, GKHair and Tibolli. From their Florida-based corporate training center, teams of educators “train the trainers” that then train distributors across the U.S.; these distributors then invite salons to their academies for weekly trainings. The result is that in salons across the country and around the world, stylists offer impeccable applications of the restorative keratin treatments and smoothing treatments, based on customer needs.

Each application can take up to two and a half hours. Again, the best results happen as a result of a communication process. “We teach that the consultation is the most important part,” McHugh says, “so that the stylist and the client can understand each other, and achieve the result that they’re looking for.”

And the results are fantastic, as anyone can see by watching the videos on the GKhair website. It’s hard to keep something this good a secret. It’s no wonder that GKhair products are available in salons in nearly 70 countries around the world – including countries in Asia, the Middle East, and The Americas.

The Home Care Products

For Daily Use: GKhair Home Hair Care

GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner are for normal to dry and coarse hair, to nourish hair with a formula that’s free of harsh ingredients. These two products protect hair, shielding against loss of color in treated hair and with GKhair taming products.

Their Balancing Shampoo and Balancing Conditioner works with dry to oily hair, again with formulas free of harsh additives and chemicals. These are designed for maximum compatibility with other GK color and hair taming products.

GKhair Silver shampoo neutralizes the brass, and brings out the dark, deep tones of hair.

GKhair Anti Dandruff Shampoo employs the power of Juvexin® to nourish hair and scalp, while fighting those pesky dandruff flakes.

It’s Under Control: GKhair Styling Products

Put the final touches on your style with these  GKhair styling products. Infused with Juvexin®, these finishing products strengthen and nourish your hair with the power of keratin to protect against the harshness of heat treatments.

GKhair Gel lets you sculpt and add shine, while getting firm control. Natural plant extracts infuse hair with the nutrients it craves. A Leave In Cream infuses hair with nutrients and protein to protect before blow drying or going into the sea or swimming pool. Also available is a Leave-In Spray. GKhair Light Hold Hairspray not only treats hair with Juvexin® but also with Vitamin B5, to penetrate to the very core, while delivering the amount of control you desire. For firmer control, there’s Strong Hold Hairspray, delivering the same nourishing ingredients. GKhair Serum requires just a small amount to control flyways, while nourishing and adding shine. GKhair Styling Mousse offers medium hold with definition and volume, while infusing hair with coconut fruit, and natural plant and seed extracts.

ThermalStyleHer is a heat-activated styling cream that protects hair, while infusing it with botanicals and natural silicones and seed oils (along with Juvexin®) for silky hair. Weightless volume is what VolumizeHer is all about; it protects from your blow dryer and iron while nourishing hair. GKhair Styling Wax features Beeswax and Candelilla wax along with Juvexin® to nourish while you sculpt your hair.

Control frizz and flyaways in curly or waved hair, while nourishing with CurlsDefineHer. GKhair Dry Shampoo cleans to the roots while absorbing oil to give a freshly washed look. Again, it’s fortified with Juvexin ®.

From Mild To Wild: GKhair Color

These ammonia free hair colors from GKhair feature Juvexin® and Ceramides to seal the shaft while protecting the hair. The permanent line of hair colors from GKhair are oil-based and come in a variety of shades to suit any look or lifestyle. GKhair colors are ammonia free and are available in a range of shades for any desired look, from mild to wild.